Mass Rift is a five-piece rock band, combining groovy bass riffs and 90’s guitar sounds with hauntingly distressed yet powerful vocals and impulsive, technical drums.

They have collectively found their signature sound sitting somewhere between the intensity of 90's grunge era bands like Soundgarden or Alice in Chains and the raw power of stoner legends like Kyuss or Fu Manchu, combined with a clearly noticeable Nu Metal influence of the early 2000's. However, they offer something different and unique to their listeners outside of genre based thinking.

Lyrically, Mass Rift is all about the unfathomable depths of human nature, failing relationships and the crippling ironic paradoxes of life. It's about the burden of being an imperfect human in an ever so changing world, constantly swinging between the virtues and vices of our modern society.

Mass Rift first embarked on their musical voyage together as a Band in 2017. But their origin leads back way earlier to when the band members grew up listening to a variety of different music genres such as 70’s Hard Rock, 80’s Metal and 90’s Grunge and Stoner, which all played an influential role in shaping their individual paths as musicians and ultimately led them together.